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Reflections of Dr. Israr Ahmed

RISE and Fall of Afghan Taliban By Dr Israr Ahmed

. Apr 01

Historical Prediction About Afghanistan Taliban By Dr. Israr Ahmed. This is a very historical and informative lecture by Dr. Israr Ahmed (late). This lecture brief about some important events in America and Afganistan. This is the prediction of Dr. Israr Ahmed on 10 August 2008. This prediction of Dr. Israr Ahmed become true after 12 years. At last, America signs on the deal and quit from Afganistan. Afganistan Taliban declare victory after 18 years. Dr. Israr Ahmed’s prediction becomes true related to the Afghanistan Taliban and America. First Dr. Israr Ahmed brief some historical facts of the entire World. All the Muslims are divided by and the Non-Muslims take the benefits of all these things. All the things are under the control of non-Muslims. When any Muslims stand in the name of Jihad they destroy with advance technology. They are afraid if Muslims make a country with name of Islam and implement a real Islamic system like Khilafat. Then all the World can inspire and the Muslims lead the entire World. For this purpose, the non-Muslims always tried to divide the Muslims and started the war into different groups of Muslims. Then a man stands up whose name is Mulla Umer. Then the some Taliban also stand with Mullah Umer. This is the real voice of all the people of Afganistan which are disturbed for the Oppression of the non-Muslims. This group of Taliban wants the peace the Afganistan. Many people join this group and the Taliban becomes strong with the passage. Then the Afganistan government came into being and many Muslims countries accept the Government of Afganistan like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and many other Arab countries as well. America want this group is good for us and they follow our instruction. Then with the passage of time the leader of Afganistan Mullah Ummer controls all entire Afganistan and gives a lot of benefits to the people of Afghanistan. A complete Islamic System came into being which follows the Quran and Sunnah. The people of Afganistan become happy and spend their life according to Islam. On this the non-Muslims become afraid. All the punishment according to Islam. Everywhere a complete Islam system is developed. A few mistakes also happen by these people but they follow the Islamic system. Then the non-Muslims become too much afraid and a fake attack has happened which is famous in the name of 9/11. But there is no relationship with the Taliban. America blam this on this incident on the Taliban Afganistan. On this, all the non-Muslims united and send their army in Afganistan. They attack in Afganistan with modern technology and break down the government of Afganistan Taliban. Then the new government comes into being which follows the instruction of America. These are the real facts behind the Afganistan Taliban war and after a long period of time, Afganistan Taliban rise again and win this war against America and all other countries. We hope in future Afganistan Taliban again implement the Islamic System. Everyone must watch this lecture The reason of Afgan Taliban and America war. Watch the complete video for better understand and all the Muslims try to implement Islamic systems in their house and countries as well. Subscribe our channel for the latest Islamic beyans.

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