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Lectures Rah e Hidayat

Rah e Hidayat Lecture 02 By Khalid Mehmood Abbasi

. Apr 13

This lecture number 2 of the series of Rah e Hidayat By Khalid Mehmood Abbasi. All the lecture series composed under the supervision of Nwaa Studios Islamabad. This lecture consists of Surah Qaf verse number 07 to 15. These verses of Surah Qaf is about life after death. We must be answerable to all the questions which we are doing in this life. Everyone think about how we can alive again after death. We also follow the instructions of the Holy Quran. These verses explain all the questions which are every one mind. Just watch these lecture series and change your life. Follow the instructions of the Holy Quran and also spend your life according to these instructions.

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